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A one-day-training programme on a child rights, child protection and family welfare system  was held at Tongor Dzemeni a fishing  Community in South Dayi District of  Volta Region.

The Training was organized by Central and Western Fishing Improvement Association (CEWEFIA) and Securing Child Rights in the Fisheries Sector (SECRIFISE) funded by the European Union (EU).

The event, which was held on Friday July 22, 2022, saw District Director of Education, Mr. Victor Kwaku Kovey   , District Social Welfare and Community Development officer Mr. Philip Kokoroko Project Manager of CEWEFIA Mr. Nicholas Smith, CHRAJ, the Clergy, Ghana Police Service, Paramount Chiefs and Elders of Tongor Dzemeni, SMC Chairmann , PTA Chairmen, Fishermen , Assembly Members, Heads of Department/Units of South Dayi District Assembly , some staff from District Education office, Students, Teachers and the general public.


Nicholas Smith The Project Manager of ‘CEWEFIA’, speaking at the function, said ‘SECRIFICE’ project is an anti-Child Labour and Trafficking (CLaT) intervention with the overall objective to secure Child’s Rights by increasing support for eliminating child Labour and Trafficking (CLaT) in the Fishing Communities.

He noted that the reason why the project is  advocating for women and children is because they are most vulnerable in our society.

He took the participants through Human Rights, Child Rights, child abuse, Child Trafficking  , Causes of child abuse and how rights can be taken from an individual.

“Human right are indivisible , interdependent and interrelated , meaning they are inseparable , there is nothing like small right or big right or important right or less important right, they are closely related or interdependent of each other. So we can say right to life is related to right to health. That is why the Children’s Act of 1998, Act 560 of the Constitution of Ghana clearly define the rights of a child. Section 6(a)(2) state that , Every child has right to parental duty and responsibilities right to life, right to dignity, respect, leisure , liberty, health, education and shelter from his parents” he added.

Mrs. Jemima Eminsang The Project manager of “SECRIFICE” gave a brief report on the project.

She said “the purpose of the project is to protect children especially along our coastal areas or in a fishing communities or children who are indulge in fishing”.

The project  is funded by the European Union, and is being run for 3 year since 2020 and will end 30th Dec 2022.

The project is being run in the Central Region and Western Region, which comprises of 5 districts in Central Region and 6 districts along the Volta Lake.


She said a four (4) main approaches have been identified in the fight against child labour and trafficking as follows;


  1. To create awareness and sensitize communities that have prevalence on child trafficking and child labour.

  2. To support law enforcement agencies.

  3. The project has also rescued 31 children took them through rehabilitation and gave them shelter for 6 months and reintegrated them back into the community,

  4. Support vulnerable groups

She pleaded with all stake holders to join hands to help and fight child labour and trafficking in our communities.


Question forum

A child from the Dzemeni E.P School asked

If my parents have conflict in the house, and I am being sent to my Uncle to stay with him and that uncle send me to fishing. What can I do ?

Mr Philip Kokoroko Answered that, the child can first disclose to his or her teacher if he/she actually attends school. Or can also tell the pastor, Assembly member or social welfare office in their community

SMC Chairman at Dzemeni also asked , can he allow his child to run errands such as selling food, or be shop attendant.

Mr. Smith answered that if only the work in question is not hazardous, such as selling alcohol, cigarette, marijuana etc

Another questioner wanted to know how  the NGO, could support women or men who are vulnerable so that they will not be tempted to give out their children

Mrs Jemima said, the organization has been empowering women especially how to save money, make soup, honey, and be self-reliant.

Mrs Jemima ended by informing all participants to form a network group work so that they  can help build a sector-wide devotion to Child Protection.


District Director of education Addressing the Participants at the meeting
Project Manager , CEWEFIA Mr. Nicholas Smith making his presentation at the meeting
Project Manager (SECRIFICE) Mrs Jemima Emisand
District-Social-Welfare- and Community Devt Officer Mr. Philip Kokoroko.


District Education Officer in Charge of Girl Child Education participating during open forum                                                                             
Hon. Abotsi John Dzemeni West Participating during open forum
a Student from Dzemeni E.P. School participating during a Question and Answer forum


Dist. Social Welfare Officer Participating during open forum





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