Resolved to improve the academic performance of the public school, the management of Peki Tsame Evangelical Presbyterian Primary School in the South Dayi District of Volta Region have successfully organised the school’s first Open Day Celebration as a morale booster for students.

The event, which was held on Thursday July 7, 2022, is under the theme : PRIMARY EDUCATION SOLID FOUNDATION FOR ALL EDUCATION, saw District Director of Education, Mr. Victor Kwaku Kovey  , DCE Rep. Mr. Henry Yevu (H.R Dist. Assm), Moderator of Meridian Presbytery (Tema) Rev. Dr. Vivian Balasu, , SMC Chairman Mr. Mark Dzebu, Paramount Chiefs and Elders of Peki, Assembly Members, Heads of Department/Units of South Dayi District Assembly as well as Directors of public institutions, Learners, Teachers, as well as stakeholders in education.

Stating the purpose of gathering the SMC Chairman Mr Mark Dzebu said the open day  celebration is to draw the attention of the stakeholders and to create awareness of challenges confronting the school and improve the academic performance of the pupils.

Exhortation by Rev. Dr. Vivian Balasu Addo, the guest of honour, praise the organisers of the program for  setting up the celebration and thanked the organisers for inviting her.

She said  education is the key to preparing people to become good citizens, not just of the nations but also of their communities and their world.

She said each child brought distinctive gifts into the world and the educational system should function to help the child maximize that potential. “is good to teach children how to read and write but is also important we take both education at school, church and home seriously.

To the parents “ now we have been hearing a lot of social vices such as Gay and Lesbianism , robbery, stealing, murder in our communities. How are we training our children at home ? The Bible says ‘Train the child the way he should go , and when he is old he will not turn from it.  (Prov 22:6)” she added.


District Director of Education entreated teachers to provide support and encouragement for learners by reinforcing desirable behavior to pupils.

He challenged parents to embrace and discharge their responsibilities towards the holistic development of their wards.

Head Teacher of the school, listed few success the school has achieved recently.

Provided 38 dual desks for the school through E.P education week celebration, won inter-school football competition for the year 2022, won the second position in reading festival at the inter-school level.

Despite  these success the school is facing serious challenges, notable among them is the lack of fence wall around KG Department, lack of text books and non availability of ceiling in the various classrooms,  “a school population of 274 with only 7 computers with an average class size of 30 you can just imagine if they should do practical work” he added.


Mr Henry Yevu The Human Resource Manager who represented the District Chief Executive of South Dayi entreated all stakeholders to put in their collective efforts to make the ultimate aim of putting their children to school come to past Which is to make them a responsible adult, people who are cautious of their environment and dedicated to the environment which they find themselves that is the role of education, he said.

He said “we know times are hard but I plead that parents should find time for their wards after school”.

Now to fund raising , it is a loudable idea that we have to construct the school wall  to protect lives of the children in the school who are the future leaders of the nation. Therefore i pledge on behalf of Hon. DCE that the District Assembly will contribute its quota for constructing the wall.

The Chairman of the occasion Queen Mother of Peki Avetile Mamaga Baduvie thanked all those who contributed in one way or other to help the program successful and encourage all the benevolent contributors to help Peki Tsame E.P Primary School to be one of the best in the country.

Prizes and certificates were giving to deserve students and teachers.

School children entertained the occasion with songs and traditional display.

Long live Ghana, Long live Peki, Long Live Tsame E.P. Primary.


District Director of Education, Mr. Victor Kwaku Kovey


Mr. Henry Yevu Human Resource Manager SDDA


Rev Dr. Vivian Balasu Addo


SMC Chairman Mr Mark Dzebu
District Education Director Mr. Victor Kwaku Kovey Presenting a certificate to one of the awardee

SMC Chairman awarding a certificate to a Teacher

Pupil reciting a poem
The school children entertaining the occassion


The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources under the auspices of the Presidency declared 10th June 2022 “Green Ghana Day” with the aim of planting twenty million trees all over the country.

As part of measures to create awareness and whip up interest in the second edition of the Green Ghana Project, the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources has activated a theme for this year’s celebration “Mobilizing for a Greener Future”. The slogan that goes with the occasion was ‘GREEN GHANA DAY’ and the response is “Lets Go Planting”.

South Dayi District Assembly got heavily involved in the exercise with its own target to plant 20,000 trees in different localities within the District.

The programme was launched  at  The District Assembly Hall, Kpeve  with the Hon. DCE for South Dayi District , Hon. Godwin Dadzawa , District Coordinating Director (DCD) Mr. Nathaniel Adzortor, District Agric Director, Mr. Enoch Dzadzra, District Education Director, Mr. Victor Kwaku Kovey, District Police Commander  ,Heads of Department/units of South Dayi District Assembly as well as Directors of public institutions, The Paramount Chiefs, Assembly Members  and various members of staffs of levels of Educational Institutions were present.


Stating the purpose of gathering, The District Director of Agric, Mr. Enoch Dzadzra,  said ‘the commemoration is aimed at enhancing nation-wide efforts to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG-Goal 13) on Climate Change Mitigations and is of this reason the President of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo has set aside  Today 10th June 2022 as a nationwide tree planting exercise ‘GREEN GHANA DAY’’.

He further said ‘South Dayi District so far has been allocated 20,000 planting materials including Ofram, Mahogany, Teak, Iron Wood Tree (Milletia Thoningii ) and Bauhinia. These are for landscape planting, amenity, avenue planting and afforestation’.

Hon. Godwin Dadzawa, The District Chief Executive giving his solidarity message made mention that the exercise is initiated by the government to protect the trees and to plant more trees. He said the importance of trees should not be underestimated. He mentioned that trees that are being destroyed and the rate at which they are being destroyed is a serious treat. He said if measures are not taken to replace them very soon there will be a serious problem in the country.


After the commemorative planting in the Assembly  landscape, distribution of planting materials was to take place under the supervision of the Department of Agriculture in all the four Zonal Areas of South Dayi District which were Kpeve, Dzemeni, Peki South and Peki North.

Dignitaries at the function
District Director of Agriculture_Mr. Enoch Dzadzra _Demonstrating Techniques of planting a tree_
The DCE, Hon. Godwin Dadzawa Planting A Tree To Mark The Green Ghana Day


Chief of Kpalime Duga, Planting his seedling
District Director of Education_Mr Victor Kovey_Planting a tree
SDDA_DCD_Nathaniel Adzotor Planting a tree
Hon. Assembly Member of Kaira Electoral Area, Planting a tree
Cross section of Students Planting trees



The Volta Regional Coordinating Council/Department of Gender in collaboration with the United Nation for Population Advocacy on Thursday 9th June , 2022  organized a training for Community Parent Advocacy Support Groups in the South Dayi District Assembly Hall, Kpeve. The training was for Advocacy Support Groups from three Districts in the Volta Region namely North Dayi, Afadjato South and the host District, South Dayi.


Present at the training were the District Chief Executive, Hon. Godwin Kwame Dadzawa, Department of Gender Regional Director, Mrs. Thywill Eyra Kpe,  DOVVSU Regional Coordinator, Department of Social Welfare Regional Director, Mad. Stella Mawusi Mawutor, Staff of Department of Gender, Department of Children Programs Officer, Mad. Ella Faith Ashong, South Dayi Health Director, Mad. Delali Ofori, South Dayi NCCE Coordinator, Mr. Gospel Amedzorku, South Dayi Social Welfare Staff, Mr. Philip Kokroko, South Dayi GES Girl Child Officer, Mad. Victoria Dedzoe, Kpeve Police Commander, DSP. Harry Selormey, ,  South Dayi ISD Staff, Mr. Julius Afflu, Ghana News Agency, Mr. Caleb Keleku and Community Parent Advocacy Support Groups from North Dayi, Afadjato South and South Dayi District.


The South Dayi District Chief Executive, Hon. Godwin Kwame Dadzawa in his welcome address said since assumed office as the DCE of South Dayi District, he noticed the high rate of teenage pregnancy in the District leading to pressure on the social facilities in the District,


The DCE expressed joy and thanked the organizers for the initiative to educate various communities on measures to reduce or end this canker in the Districts.


He concluded by urging all to take the education or training seriously so as to educate other people in their communities.

In her Statement of Purpose, the Department of Gender Regional Director, Mrs. Thywill Eyra Kpe said the training was for Active Parents whom have volunteered to learn and be trained to educate other parents to help end Sexual and Gender Based Violence, Child Marriage and Teenage Pregnancy in various Districts in the Region.

The first presentation  was on Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) and Child Marriage by was presented by the Department of Gender Regional Director, Mrs. Thywill Eyra Kpe. She differentiated between Sex and Gender by saying Sex refers to the changes in the reproductive organ which  differentiate a male from a female and is God-made whilst Gender refers to socially constructed roles, attitudes and influence that society ascribe to the two sexes on a different basis. She further said that Sex is Universal and Biological whilst Gender differs from one culture to another and socially constructed.


She said socially, roles have been divided but resources must be pooled together as well as giving equal opportunity to both Sexes to be their best so as to improved the family. She listed the following as reasons for Sexual &  Gender Based Violence which included Parents pushing their wards into Prostitution/ Armed Robbery, Parents loving one particular ward more than the other and then being authoritative as a Parent. She urged parents to desist from these behaviors so as to end teenage pregnancy, child marriage and sexual&gender based violence in the various Districts.


Finally she formed a group by name DZILAWO LIA? MIAVIWO MIA TSORME as the response  whom will give advice to children when they are going on the wrong direction. She said children must grow and fulfill their dreams and as well have beautiful marriages therefore parents should protect them.

The second presentation by the DOVVSU Regional Coordinator was on the role of the Police in Addressing Sexual and Gender- Based Violence and Child Marriage. She revealed that 84% of cases received were issues relating to men whilst 16% cases were issues relating to women. She said perpetrators of violence cut across all manner of people such as Fathers, Teachers, Strangers and even the Clergy.  She finally urged the participants to report cases of domestic violence to their offices for action to be taken.

The Third presentation by the South Dayi District Health Director, Mrs. Delali Ofori was on Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Pregnancy Prevention. She said Sexual Reproductive Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being in all matters relating to sexuality and the reproductive system , its function and processes.

She urged parents to teach their adolescent children about sexual health so they become conscious that they are capable of becoming pregnant after having unprotected sex. She further said Parents should be an example to their adolescent wards and give hearing ears as well as correct them when they go wrong.

The fourth presentation by the Department of Social Welfare Regional Director was on Good Parenting and Parental Responsibilities. She defined a parent as a person who brings up or cares for another person. She said Parental responsibilities included the following Protection of children from all forms of harm, provision of good guidance, giving the children identity and supporting them in times of need.


She concluded that whatever they want their children to become depends on how effectively they played their roles, the parenting style they adopt and the kind of environment they provided for their children.


The fifth presentation by the Department of Children Programs Officer, Mad. Ella Faith Ashong was on the Rights and Responsibilities of Adolescent. She defined an Adult or Adolescent as a person between the ages of 10-19 years. She outlined the following rights of an adolescent as right to a name, right to a parental property, right to opinion and right to refuse a betrothal marriage.


She revealed that the adolescent age or stage is so important in the future of the Adolescent Child. She further said that if the child will be good or bad is dependent  on this stage. She concluded by urging parents to speak to their adolescent wards to be honest to them.


The sixth presentation by the Department of Gender Regional Director,   Mrs. Thywill Eyra Kpe was on Parent- Child Communication on ASRH, SGBV and Advocacy Skills. She said   communication is the process of using signs or  symbols to speak or deliver a message. She said communication is so important which goes as far as meeting relationship needs such as affection and acceptance.


She said parents should take steps to change wrong by speaking or advocating for change. She urged them to read their manuals well and  identify institutions such as Schools, Churches , Mosques and Offices so as to advocate for change. She concluded that they are not only  responsible for their children but for other children as well.


During open forum

  1. Participants requested that the facilitators visit their Districts or Communities at regular times to educate/engage their members.
  2. Participants asked what can be done with Child Custody cases.
  3. Participants asked what can be done if a law enforcer offends by defiling.
  4. Participants asked if DOVVSU is in all Police Stations.
  5. Participants asked if the manual given them can be reproduced and shared to others.


The training was participatory and successful.

 Source _Information Dept.



The District NHIS Office on Wednesday, 1st of June, 2022 organized a stakeholders meeting for some members of the Clergy in the District Assembly Hall at Kpeve.


In attendance were the following, the DCD, Mr. Nathaniel Adzotor, the District NHIS Manager, Mr. Mawuko Tsigbey, some Staff of NHIS and some members of the Clergy from some Churches and Mosques.


In his welcome address, the District NHIS Manager, Mr. Mawuko Tsigbey stated that the purpose of the engagement was to enlightened the Clergy on the NHIS and its benefits who will then  become ambassadors of  good news of NHIS to their congregations.

The NHIS Manager, Mr. Tsigbey said any person in Ghana qualifies to  register onto the scheme   so as to enjoy the benefits of the NHIS packages. He revealed that membership registration is valid for one year and after one year a member need to renew.


The DCD, Mr. Nathaniel Adzotor in his remark welcomed the Clergy present and said that the importance of NHIS and the comfort in health delivery cannot be overemphasized irrespective of some criticisms concerning it.


The DCD concluded   that the Clergy are very special and key in spreading good news and therefore necessary to engage them to add the news of NHIS to their messages after preaching to their congregations.


The first presentation by Mr. Eric Obobi was on how to link the NHIS Card to the Ghana. He revealed that very soon the Ghana Card would be the only recognized form of identity hence the need for all to migrate their information from the NHIS Card to their Ghana Cards.


He outlined the steps for the linkage of the NHIS to Ghana Card simply by dialing the short code *929# followed by selecting option four and then entering the Ghana Card number without Hyphens.

The Second Presentation was on NHIS Card Renewal and Policy Validity by Mr. Eric Obobi whom outlined the process of mobile renewal to all present which included firstly dialing of the short code *929# followed by selecting option two and so on till one finally confirms payment through mobile money.

He revealed that the mobile renewal comes with an advantage which included no transport cost, renewal can be done at any time of the day, risk of traveling or joining queue at the NHIS Office is avoided and Policy validity can be checked any time.

The third Presentation was on the NHIS Packages and was presented by the NHIS Manager, Mr. Mawuko Tsigbey whom outlined the various diagnosis and treatment the NHIS covered which included O.P.D , I.P.D , Oral Health Services, Eye Care Services, Maternal Care and Emergencies.

He concluded that despite the wide covered of the scheme, there  exist some exemptions which included VIP Ward Accommodation, Mortuary Services, Diagnosis & Treatment Abroad, Rehabilitation, Cosmetic Surgery and Cancer Treatment.

During open forum;

A participant asked if private hospitals accept NHIS .

Another participant asked if any Pharmacy in the District accepts NHIS.

A participant asked if there is any Lab Test that is not covered under the NHIS.

The Fourth and final presentation was on some special exemption of the NHIS by NHIS PRO,  Mr. Richard Kporha whom outlined the exemptions into Category A and Category B.

He said the Category A do not pay both processing fee and premiums and they included Pregnant Women, Indigents, LEAP Beneficiaries and School Feeding Pupils/Students *whilst* the Category B do not pay processing fee but pay premiums and they included SSSNIT  Pensioneers, SSSNIT Contributors, Aged and Dependants.

In his closing remark, the  NHIS Manager, Mr. Mawuko Tsigbey stated that the NHIS Card of Pregnant Women and Children 5 years and below becomes active instantly after renewal with the purpose with reducing maternal and child death in the District.

He thanked everyone for coming and urged them to spread the good news of NHIS to their congregations.

He concluded that the NHIS Office can as well be invited to their various congregations to carry out the sensitisation of NHIS.

Source: Inf_Dept


The NHIS Manager, Mr. Mawuko Tsigbey making his presentation at the meeting
The DCD, Mr. Nathaniel Adzotor addressing the Participants at the meeting
A member of the clergy participating during pen forum


The NHIS Claims Officer, Mr. Eric Obobi making his presentation at the meeting
A member of the clergy participating during pen forum
Group picture of the NHIS Staff with the Participants

On Wednesday, 26th January 2022 the Volta Regional Minister, Hon. Archibald Yao Tetsa paid a working visit to the South Dayi District Assembly and it’s environs as part of performance assessment of the District.

The Regional Minister, who was accompanied by the, Regional Public Relation Officer,  Acting Regional Director, Regional Human Resource Manager, Regional Director Social Welfare Authority , Regional Economic Planning officer , Regional Security Coordinator were humbly welcomed by the District Chief Executive, Hon. Godwin Dadzawa, the District Coordinating Director, Mr. Nathaniel Adzotor .

The Regional Minister, visited Peki to commission the ground floor of the 5 Storey Lockable Store at Gbi Market. He also inspected the ongoing project on the Eastern Corridor road and the road work at Peki College of Education to have first hand information from the contractors on the work.

He finally visited the District Assembly where he interacted with the staffs of the Assembly. He urged the staff to be discipline , punctual, truthful, transparent and ensure there is no division among them.

In a statement, Hon. Indicated that the performance of Volta Regional Coordinating Council was number one at the national level. He urged the South Dayi District Assembly to also increase their performance to be among the top ten assemblies in the region as well as at the national level.


The VR Min Hon Letsa opening and commissioning the ground floor of the 5 Storey Lockable Store at Gbi Market
The VR Min Hon Letsa opening and commissioning the ground floor of the 5 Storey Lockable Store at Gbi Market
The Regional Minister Hon Letsa interacting with the contractors
The Volta Regional Minister Hon Archibald Yao Letsa addressing the staff of the Assembly at the Dist Capital Kpeve
The Volta Regional Minister Hon Archibald Yao Letsa addressing the staff of the Assembly at the Dist Capital Kpeve
The District Chief Executive Hon Godwin Kwame Dadzawa addressing the staff of the Assembly
Section of the staff of the Assembly present at the meeting with the Regional Minister

On Friday 12th November, 2021, the South Dayi District Assembly held a meeting with necessary stakeholders to kick start preparation towards the celebration of this year’s farmer’s day dubbed: “consolidating food system in Ghana”. Statistics has it that, the Agriculture industry is the largest employer in the world. This is consistent with both national and district with 52% and about 46% of the labour force engaged in Agriculture respectively. The occasion which is usually celebrated to honor farmers and fishermen has its inception dating back to 1980 when the country suffered a severe drought which seriously impacted crops yield hence increasing starvation and malnutrition.

On Friday 12th November, 2021, the South Dayi District Assembly held a meeting with necessary stakeholders to kick start preparation towards the celebration of this year’s farmer’s day dubbed: “consolidating food system in Ghana”. Statistics has it that, the Agriculture industry is the largest employer in the world. This is consistent with both national and district with 52% and about 46% of the labour force engaged in Agriculture respectively. The occasion which is usually celebrated to honor farmers and fishermen has its inception dating back to 1980 when the country suffered a severe drought which seriously impacted crops yield hence increasing starvation and malnutrition.

Various committees were set up to work collaboratively towards the successful implementation of the program. Among those were: Vetting, Transport, Awards, Publicity and Advocacy.

On Monday, 15th November, 2021, the vetting committee made up of The Assistant Development Planning Officer, and 3 officers from the Department of Agriculture thus Management Information System Officer, Extension Officer and Agric Engineer supported by the various AEAs with a clearly drawn roadmap started the vetting process across the 4 farming zones in the district with husbandry, ecological awareness and technological practices in farming in focus.

farmers day celebration :visiting of site
farmers day celebration :visiting of site

The team uses the chance to highlight the opportunities in the industry and encourage farmers to produce to feed the district and the nation at large. The team also clarify mysteries in the minds of farmers and correct all ill impressions they may be having. The team inspires farmers on the need for record keeping regardless of farmer’s day awards.

farmers day vetting
farmers day vetting


The South Dayi District Assembly on Friday 1st October 2021 confirmed the President’s nominee in person of Hon.  Dzadzawa Godwin as the District Chief Executivce.

All the 31 assembly members voted YES for the President’s nominee to endorse him as DCE.

In his acceptance speech, Dzadzawa Godwin thanked the President for the confidence reposed in him and gave the assurance that he would work hard to justify his nomination.

He indicated that he would ensure the  performance of the Internally Generated Fund (IGF) of the district and that roads, water, sanitation, electricity, education, health, infrastructure and agriculture were his primary priorities.

The District Chief Executive promised to undertake his duties in line with the Vision of the President and the NPP Government to ensure development of the South Dayi District.

Kpeve (V/R), Aug. 31, GNA – The youth in South Dayi District of the Volta Region have pledged to champion peace and unity of the country and desist from any violent extremism and terrorist activities.









They promised to be ambassadors and advocates of national cohesion and peaceful co-existence to accelerate the progress of the country, and report any threat to national security to various security services for prompt action.

The youth in a communique issued, after a day’s intensive Youth Activists Workshop on peaceful co-existence and inclusive participation, said peace was an essential tool for development, hence it must be cherished and safeguarded by all.

The workshop organised by the South Dayi District Directorate of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) in collaboration with the Ministry of National Security discussed issues including dangers of secessionism and violent extremism.

It also looked at national security and the national framework for countering violent extremism and terrorism, Public Order and Vigilantism Acts, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Mechanisms among others.

The youth also promised to use appropriate channels to seek redress of their grievances, saying, resorting to violent means to address grievances was not helpful in the country’s progressive match.

The communique asked government to take necessary steps to address unemployment situation, ensure even distribution of the country’s resources, provide equal opportunities for all and ensure that issues of discrimination and marginalisation were dealt with amicably.

The Reverend Theophilous Mawuena Aklaku of Peki College of Education, said secessionist inclination was never the way to go “if we should embrace the principles of national cohesion and peaceful co-existence.
He said the glory of God upon the nation would depart if the citizens failed to promote national cohesion and peaceful co-existence, and asked leadership at all levels to work hard at maintaining the current prevailing peace and unity of the country.

Rev. Aklaku admonished people in authority to desist from insensitive and tribalistic utterances, as those utterances had the tendency to fuel secessionist attempts as they make some ethnic groups feel marginalised.

Mr Isaac Ocran, National Security Operative, disclosed that the Ministry of National Security was collaborating with the government to find solutions to some identifiable causes of extremism.

Mr Tito Voegbolo, Secretary, NCCE, Head Office, said the Commission would not relent in its efforts to sensitise the populace on the relevance of unity, and called on all to come on-board to move the country forward in peace and unity.

Mr Bosson Amedenu, South Dayi District Director of the Commission, entreated the participants to share what they learnt with the family members, friends and colleagues to protect the cohesion and the prevailing peace.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Harry Selormey, Kpeve District Police Commander, encouraged the participants to continue to abide by the laws of the country and endeavour to inform the police whenever they wanted to embark on any demonstration as prescribed by the constitution.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Harry Selormey, Kpeve District Police Commander
Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Harry Selormey, Kpeve District Police Commander
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President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo on Friday, June 11, 2021, took part in the planting of over five million trees under an exercise dubbed: “Green Ghana Day”.

The President planted a tree at the forecourt of the Jubilee House, as part of the nationwide exercise.

“Today’s nationwide exercise will not be a one-off event. We intend to enhance ongoing afforestation programmes, and see to the sustainable exploitation of our forest resources,” he said.

Speaking at the event, President Akufo-Addo explained that the forest is one of the most important natural resources of Ghana, as its continuous existence creates jobs, provides incomes for local communities, offers environmental protection, including watershed protection, and climate change regulation.

He said the country also derives foreign exchange through timber product exports.

“However, the exploitation of forest resources for national development has not been sustainable over the years. Deforestation and forest degradation are the greatest challenges to sustainable forest management in Ghana today,” the President said.

He continued, “The consequential effect of deforestation and forest degradation is severe climate change, which has dire consequences for our livelihoods, specifically the drying up of our water bodies, the pollution of our water, loss of our prime timber species, loss of biodiversity, and change in rainfall patterns and weather conditions in the country.”

To this end, President Akufo-Addo indicated that there is an urgent need to reverse the trend and restore the country’s forest resources, as much as possible, back to their original state.

“We do not have tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, to do this. We have to act now!” he stressed.

The President, thus, reiterated his determination to restore the lost forest cover of the country, with the attempt to regulate and sanitize the small-scale mining industry being one such initiative to help keep Ghana’s forest cover and reserves intact.

“I assure the Ghanaian people that government is determined to ensure the survival of the five million trees being planted today. Together, we must and will protect our environment and ecosystem, and we must contribute to the world’s agenda at combating global warming. We have to protect planet earth and our homeland, Ghana,” President Akufo-Addo said.

He appealed to all Ghanaians to embrace the Green Ghana Initiative introduced by the government, adding that “it is an ambitious initiative, and we will make the necessary effort to sustain it. God willing, this event will be an annual one, and planting targets will be reviewed upwards every year.”

The President extended his appreciation to the First Lady, Vice President, Second Lady, the Speaker of Parliament, the Chief Justice, the Chief of Staff at the Office of the President, the Asantehene, the Overlord of Dagbon, the Okyenhene, the National Chief Imam, and other prominent citizens of Ghana, who have embraced the initiative, and committed themselves to support the national endeavour, by planting a tree each.

He was equally grateful to the leaders of the Church of Pentecost, the Presbyterian Church, the Methodist Church, the Catholic Church, the Anglican Church, and other faith-based organisations for their support and commitment to this noble project.

“Whilst we all plant trees today, let us resolve to nurture, grow, and protect them to maturity. We have a collective responsibility to leave future generations and their communities with richer, more valuable forest and wildlife endowment than we inherited,” he added.

Source: Jubilee House Communications Bureau

Ing. Dr. Ato Arthur, Head of the Local Government Service (LGS) has called on Local Assemblies to provide the needed support to enable the Environmental Health Service pursue its prosecutorial mandate.

He said a strong environmental prosecution regime was needed to save the nation from the fallouts of poor sanitation, and that officers and prosecutors must operate without interference.

Ing. Dr. Arthur made the call when he opened a four-day training workshop in Ho organised by the LGS for Environmental Health Prosecutors and Officers from the Volta, Eastern, and Oti Regions.

He noted how interference from political, traditional, and other forces weakened the prosecutorial effectiveness and worsened environmental sanitation.

The Local Government Head asked that sanitation bye-laws were well utilised, and called for collaboration with relevant stakeholders towards building a sanitised nation.

“There is no doubt about the fact that every Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assembly have bye-laws that regulate the activities of all the districts. Once these bye-laws are approved by the General Assembly and gazetted, they should as well be enforced.

“It is my hope that the Assemblies will empower the Environmental Health Prosecutors and Officers to deliver that mandate without fear or favour. Often times, officers have been ordered to stop actions initiated to sanction people who have acted contrary to what is desirable in respect of environmental bye-laws,” he said.


Ing. Dr Arthur said the over-politicisation of policies continued to affect national progress and appealed to all to “embrace what will move Ghana forward in its developmental agenda.”

He further called for collaboration with the Environmental Protection Agency towards checking industrial pollution, and said the LGS would seek collaboration with key stakeholders to “constantly” equip them with new knowledge and requisite resources.

Mr. Prosper Afenyo, Acting Director of the Volta Regional Coordinating Council said Environmental Health Prosecutors played a key role in national progress as they helped rake in more internally generated funds, and must consider the training seriously as it helped build capacity to deliver.

The about 80 participants would have their knowledge of the legal, policy, and regulatory framework on environmental health and sanitation delivery enriched.

They will also be taken through the trial process, and an action plan for strengthening enforcement management in the MMDAs would be advanced at the end of the workshop.


source : newsghana