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Check expiry dates of Medical products – Environmental Health Office, South Dayi District Assembly.

Moses C.K. Awude, the District Environmental Health Officer for the South Dayi District Assembly in the Volta Region, has advised the people of Kpeve and the surrounding area to be aware of product expiration dates when purchasing items from the market, particularly medications, beverages, and canned goods.


He made the call as the department began a three-day inspection of the Kpeve market’s medicinal products’ expiration dates as part of their fundamental mission to stop customers from purchasing expired goods.


According to Mr. C.K. Awude, the exercise’s goal was to purge the market of false and outdated goods.


36 different types of expired medications were discovered during the inspection of more than five pharmacies located within the Kpeve Market.

To ensure that such things are removed from the District, he said the inspection team would expand the exercise to places including Peki, Kaira, Dzemeni East and West, and Todome.

He had high hopes that the inspection process would significantly help protect consumers from using expired medications.

The owners of the impacted stores were warned to always check the expiration dates of the goods they purchase from the wholesalers.

He urged customers to alert the Environmental Health Office of any products that had expired so that their task would be made easier.

He gives the populace the assurance that his office would do everything within its ability to guarantee that the regulated goods in the district are secure and of high caliber.

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