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NHIS Goes Digital
  1. NHIS has introduced to E-Receipting replace manual GCR receipting since November 2018.
  2. Mobile Renewal Service has also been introduced to enable members conveniently renew their expired NHIS cards in the comfort of their homes without visiting an NHIS Office. The procedure is as follows:  a) Dial *929#. b) Select NHIS Card  c)Input your  8-Digit NHIS Membership Number which is directly below your DATE OF BIRTH.  d) Re-enter the same number. e) The amount you are to pay pops up. f) Confirm payment g) Approve payment on the mobile money wallet of the number you are using for the renewal. h) You will Receive an SMS informing you that your card has been renewed
  3. You can use your mobile money wallet to renew for other people
  4. You also go back to select option 1 to check whether it has been renewed
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