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The South Dayi District Assembly on Thursday 26th August, 2021 organized a staff durbar for all staff of the South Dayi District Assembly at the District Assembly Hall in the District Capital, Kpeve.
In his opening remarks, the District Coordinating Director, Mr. Nathaniel Adzotor briefly revealed that the meeting aimed at tackling the welfare of all staff of the District Assembly.  
DCD, Mr Nathaniel Adzotor addressing the welfare of the staff of the assembly

DCD, Mr Nathaniel Adzotor addressing the welfare of the staff of the assembly

DCD, Mr. Adzotor  said if welfare is not talked about, then no one  will know about it. He further said if a staff goes higher in rank and does not put things in place  properly, that staff can get frustrated because of more responsibilities so therefore a need for welfare.
Next was a remarkable presentation by Mr. Sammy and Mr. Jonathan both from GCB Peki Branch on GCB Products and Services. According to the GCB officials, money is important as salary workers. They said even if there is increment in salary, it will still not be enough because of more responsibilities. They revealed that customers of GCB can take loan up to 5 years and that the interest rates are low. For further information/clarification on the GCB Loans and other products kindly contact Mr. Sammy on 0208583525 and Mr. Jonathan on 0244461641.
The Hedge Pensions Trust Fund Regional Representative, Mr. Kingsley presented on the Three-Tier Pension System.  Mr. Kingsley said he heard that things get tight when people go on pension. According to him, retirement age may seem far but it is just at the corner and approaching. He revealed that anyone at all can join the Hedge Pension Trust even Market women or carpenters.
Mr. Kingsley said with the Three-Tier Pension Trust, one cannot withdraw until five years. He said 30gh is the least amount to contribute monthly to enjoy an interest rate of 32.5%.
Mr. Kingsley finally said the Hedge Pensions Trust will reduce the complains and the tightness when one retires. To know more about the Hedge Pensions Trust kindly contact Mr Kingsley on 0302955970.
The Regional CLOGSAG Chairman who doubles as the Ho Municipal Environmental Health Officer, Mr. Samuel Glago  hammered on some benefits of belonging to CLOGSAG. He spoke about CLOGSAG dues which is taken from their monthly salaries to run the affairs of CLOGSAG.  He also seized the moment to induct a new Acting CLOGSAG Chairman for the District in the person of Mr. Henry Yevu due to the transfer of the Former CLOGSAG Chairman, Mr. Harrison Ahorkonu to Ketu South Municipal, Dzodze.


He finally entreated all staffs who are not part of CLOGSAG to join for their own good  and welfare.
The Human Resource Manager, Mr. Henry Yevu who is also the Acting CLOGSAG Chairman urged the newly recruited staff of the Assembly to complete their Tier 2 forms and submit at his office .
He revealed that some newly recruited staff have been placed on the Labour Union  and are free to join CLOGSAG if they want.
On behalf of the District Coordinating Director, the  Human Resource Manager and Acting CLOGSAG Chairman, Mr. Henry Yevu thanked all staff for their participation and concerns as well.

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