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The South Dayi District Health Directorate on Thursday, 28th September 2023 held its 3rd Quarter Risk Communication and Community Engagement Committee (RCCEC) meeting at the South Dayi District Directorate (SDDHD) office at Kpeve.

In his welcome address South Dayi District Director of Health Service Mr. Kolog Timbire Jonas thanked the committee for making time to attend the meeting out of their busy schedules and also stated the purpose of the gathering  which is to update the committee on Risk Assessment and Communication tool(s) in solving health and social related issues affecting the district.

He further briefed the house on ;


In Volta Region,  131,000  took the HIV/AIDS test.  2,740 recorded positive cases representing 2.7% against the national rate of 2.1 %.

The district recorded 79 positive cases as of September 2023.

He advised ;

  1. Early testing
  2. Taking medication (antiviral) regularly
  • Visiting Health Centres for regular checkup
  1. Sensitization on HIV/AIDs especially to our men and also our children at school are the best strategies in curbing the situation


  • Pregnancy

The district recorded 2069 pregnancies as at 30th Aug 2023, 1,675 delivered safely while 394 was caesarean operation . There was no  maternal death  recorded as at 30th Aug, 2023


Risk Assessment

Out of 2,069 pregnant women, 505 pregnant women representing 25% had anaemia. He entreated the committee members to educate pregnant women on the importance of eating balance diet especially vegetables containing iron ,Vitamin products and  taking  antenatal seriously.



  • Teenage Pregnancy

As at 23rd August 2023, the total teenage pregnancy in the district recorded 148 pregnancies representing 11.8% against the national level at 11.5%.

The break down as follows; 10 – 14years  = 6 pregnancies , 15 – 19 years = 142 pregnancies

The major cause of teenage pregnancies  last year recorded  178 of teenagers  were co-habiting.

Mr. Kolog advised that the situation is very alarming and the issue should be referred to Genaral Assembly for bye laws to pass to curb the situation.


The second presentation was done by the district Disease control officer Ms Faustina Doosogla   on;

  • On COVID -19 Vaccination

 there was a national campaign for COVID-19 Vaccination which started from 20-24 September 2023 to reach all people who have not vaccinated or not completed their dosage.

The district population target for vaccination stood at 38,799.

The total no of people vaccinated ( at least 1 dose) stood at 19,834

The total number of people fully vaccinated stood at 16,170 ( including the boster).

The total number of people not vaccinated stood at 18,175 (not taking any)


Challenges confronting  COVID-19 vaccination exercise.

  1. Bad perception
  2. High resistance rate
  3. Inadequate knowledge



The committee decided that COVID-19 vaccination campaign must  reach all the communities and also target those who have not taking the COVID-19 jab.



  • Eye Screening ;

South Dayi District Health Directorate in collaboration with Ho Teaching Hospital organised free eye screening for the general public on 22nd to 25th Aug 2023. The exercise took place at Kpeve and Dzemeni respectively.

The team recorded 8 patience whose eyes were restored and the directorate is yet to do follow up to check the progress of their health.


 On HIV/AIDS ; Mrs Happy Alonu District Health Promotion Officer (DHPO) informed the house that a total of 1066 people took a test for HIV/AIDs;

The break down is as follows ;

Males – 256 tested = 23 positive representing 9%.

Females – 810 test = 42 positive representing 5.2%

Pregnant women = 1252 took the test with 14 positive representing 1.2% at as at  Aug 2023.

She entreated the committee members to encourage more men to do the test since percentage wise their number is higher than the females.

The third session of the presentation was by Mr. Gideon Agbamu The disease control officer at SDDHD briefed the house on Public Management Health Emergency Management Committee activities that will be carried out later in the 4th Quarter of the year as follows;

i.Develop public health emergency plan

  1. Plan for response.

iii. Risk Mapping of Community

  1. Update on Monitoring Activities.
  2. Update the committee on burden
  3. General Public Education

vii. Reactivate the Rapid response team.


In his final remarks , the Committee Chairman Mr. Kolog thanked all the committee members for their thoughts, suggestions and most importantly for their total cooperation. He further urged the committee members to serve as ambassadors by making sure all decision deliberated on are communicated to the people we represent at the committee level. 


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