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Training of Community Parent Advocacy Support Groups

The Volta Regional Coordinating Council/Department of Gender in collaboration with the United Nation for Population Advocacy on Thursday 9th June , 2022  organized a training for Community Parent Advocacy Support Groups in the South Dayi District Assembly Hall, Kpeve. The training was for Advocacy Support Groups from three Districts in the Volta Region namely North Dayi, Afadjato South and the host District, South Dayi.


Present at the training were the District Chief Executive, Hon. Godwin Kwame Dadzawa, Department of Gender Regional Director, Mrs. Thywill Eyra Kpe,  DOVVSU Regional Coordinator, Department of Social Welfare Regional Director, Mad. Stella Mawusi Mawutor, Staff of Department of Gender, Department of Children Programs Officer, Mad. Ella Faith Ashong, South Dayi Health Director, Mad. Delali Ofori, South Dayi NCCE Coordinator, Mr. Gospel Amedzorku, South Dayi Social Welfare Staff, Mr. Philip Kokroko, South Dayi GES Girl Child Officer, Mad. Victoria Dedzoe, Kpeve Police Commander, DSP. Harry Selormey, ,  South Dayi ISD Staff, Mr. Julius Afflu, Ghana News Agency, Mr. Caleb Keleku and Community Parent Advocacy Support Groups from North Dayi, Afadjato South and South Dayi District.


The South Dayi District Chief Executive, Hon. Godwin Kwame Dadzawa in his welcome address said since assumed office as the DCE of South Dayi District, he noticed the high rate of teenage pregnancy in the District leading to pressure on the social facilities in the District,


The DCE expressed joy and thanked the organizers for the initiative to educate various communities on measures to reduce or end this canker in the Districts.


He concluded by urging all to take the education or training seriously so as to educate other people in their communities.

In her Statement of Purpose, the Department of Gender Regional Director, Mrs. Thywill Eyra Kpe said the training was for Active Parents whom have volunteered to learn and be trained to educate other parents to help end Sexual and Gender Based Violence, Child Marriage and Teenage Pregnancy in various Districts in the Region.

The first presentation  was on Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) and Child Marriage by was presented by the Department of Gender Regional Director, Mrs. Thywill Eyra Kpe. She differentiated between Sex and Gender by saying Sex refers to the changes in the reproductive organ which  differentiate a male from a female and is God-made whilst Gender refers to socially constructed roles, attitudes and influence that society ascribe to the two sexes on a different basis. She further said that Sex is Universal and Biological whilst Gender differs from one culture to another and socially constructed.


She said socially, roles have been divided but resources must be pooled together as well as giving equal opportunity to both Sexes to be their best so as to improved the family. She listed the following as reasons for Sexual &  Gender Based Violence which included Parents pushing their wards into Prostitution/ Armed Robbery, Parents loving one particular ward more than the other and then being authoritative as a Parent. She urged parents to desist from these behaviors so as to end teenage pregnancy, child marriage and sexual&gender based violence in the various Districts.


Finally she formed a group by name DZILAWO LIA? MIAVIWO MIA TSORME as the response  whom will give advice to children when they are going on the wrong direction. She said children must grow and fulfill their dreams and as well have beautiful marriages therefore parents should protect them.

The second presentation by the DOVVSU Regional Coordinator was on the role of the Police in Addressing Sexual and Gender- Based Violence and Child Marriage. She revealed that 84% of cases received were issues relating to men whilst 16% cases were issues relating to women. She said perpetrators of violence cut across all manner of people such as Fathers, Teachers, Strangers and even the Clergy.  She finally urged the participants to report cases of domestic violence to their offices for action to be taken.

The Third presentation by the South Dayi District Health Director, Mrs. Delali Ofori was on Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Pregnancy Prevention. She said Sexual Reproductive Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being in all matters relating to sexuality and the reproductive system , its function and processes.

She urged parents to teach their adolescent children about sexual health so they become conscious that they are capable of becoming pregnant after having unprotected sex. She further said Parents should be an example to their adolescent wards and give hearing ears as well as correct them when they go wrong.

The fourth presentation by the Department of Social Welfare Regional Director was on Good Parenting and Parental Responsibilities. She defined a parent as a person who brings up or cares for another person. She said Parental responsibilities included the following Protection of children from all forms of harm, provision of good guidance, giving the children identity and supporting them in times of need.


She concluded that whatever they want their children to become depends on how effectively they played their roles, the parenting style they adopt and the kind of environment they provided for their children.


The fifth presentation by the Department of Children Programs Officer, Mad. Ella Faith Ashong was on the Rights and Responsibilities of Adolescent. She defined an Adult or Adolescent as a person between the ages of 10-19 years. She outlined the following rights of an adolescent as right to a name, right to a parental property, right to opinion and right to refuse a betrothal marriage.


She revealed that the adolescent age or stage is so important in the future of the Adolescent Child. She further said that if the child will be good or bad is dependent  on this stage. She concluded by urging parents to speak to their adolescent wards to be honest to them.


The sixth presentation by the Department of Gender Regional Director,   Mrs. Thywill Eyra Kpe was on Parent- Child Communication on ASRH, SGBV and Advocacy Skills. She said   communication is the process of using signs or  symbols to speak or deliver a message. She said communication is so important which goes as far as meeting relationship needs such as affection and acceptance.


She said parents should take steps to change wrong by speaking or advocating for change. She urged them to read their manuals well and  identify institutions such as Schools, Churches , Mosques and Offices so as to advocate for change. She concluded that they are not only  responsible for their children but for other children as well.


During open forum

  1. Participants requested that the facilitators visit their Districts or Communities at regular times to educate/engage their members.
  2. Participants asked what can be done with Child Custody cases.
  3. Participants asked what can be done if a law enforcer offends by defiling.
  4. Participants asked if DOVVSU is in all Police Stations.
  5. Participants asked if the manual given them can be reproduced and shared to others.


The training was participatory and successful.

 Source _Information Dept.



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