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Centre For National Culture
Ms. Florence Pi-Bansah
Head of Center For National Culture Officer

The Center for National Culture seeks to harness the diverse artistic resources of the District for the promotion of integrated regional culture. The Center for National Culture is conscious of the heterogeneous nature of its people and aware of the essence of culture as a pivot of nation building. The center seeks to promote effective cultural management for the socio-economic development of the district and the nation at large. The center works hand in hand with the regional office and also takes part in joint ventures and programs between other local district assemblies and government agencies. We look forward to the holding of powerful events that will expose the art and culture of the people of South Dayi to attract investors, promote tourism and generate income for artisans. It is also the vision of the center to have a facility at the district level where the culture and Art of the people can be displayed just like it is at the regional level.

Ensure an effective teaching and learning process in all schools in the District.

Responsible for all GES personnel in the District, at the pre-tertiary Level.

Ensuring that monitoring, supervision, and management of schools and guidance and counselling are being carried out in accordance with current policies.

Responsible for collection and collation of statistical data from all schools in the District which are required for planning, monitoring and eveluation at district, regional and national levels.

Responsible for budgeting and effective financial control in all education institutions and offices in the district.

Advising the District Chief Executive on all educational matters.

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